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The World Association of Investment Promotion Agency (WAIPA) and Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) are pleased to announce a joint Capacity Development Program on “Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) & Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) during COVID-19” which will start on 29th July 2021.

The Program is designed to address the needs of IPAs in IsDB member countries during the period of COVID-19. The Program will be carried out through a series of 10 online workshops during the month of August 2021.

The capacity development program will cover the entire investment life cycle from strategy through to aftercare, attraction, and facilitation, while also looking at how IPAs need to readjust their strategies and plans to the structural changes in the FDI market.

The webinar program will incorporate some innovative ideas on new areas of training which IPAs will need as a result of the Pandemic (e.g. reshoring, talent attraction, digital services).

Theme A: ‘The impact of Covid-19 on FDI: Implications for FDI retention and attraction’

Wavteq expects Covid-19 to lead companies to re-evaluate their supply chains and value chains and at the same time governments to place stronger focus on local supply chains and reshoring, with national security concerns driving this. Protectionism maybe used by large countries which have the economies of scale for local production but in practice not many countries can do this and regional trade agreements and WTO rules will also limit what is possible. Our view is that companies will adopt more regional strategies equalizing their value chains in each region with the size of each region’s market, which will lead to some significant global shifts in FDI, and which will reassure governments. Protectionism is maybe a higher risk if a crisis hits your country and all other countries are protectionist. Regional strategies and regional coordination between countries we see as the most likely scenario.

Course 1: Introduction to Theme 1: Impact of Covid-19 on FDI; July 29, 2021 (1pm-3.30pm IST)

Course 2: IPA strategies in response to Covid-19; August 5, 2021 (1pm-3.30pm IST)

Course 3: How to strengthen your aftercare for existing investors during Covid-19; August 12, 2021 (1pm-3.30pm IST)

Course 4: How to attract new investors during Covid-19; August 19, 2021 (1pm-3.30pm IST)

Course 5: How to facilitate and deliver investment projects during Covid-19; August 25, 2021 (1pm-3.30pm IST)

Theme B: ‘The Post-Covid FDI landscape: How can IPAs leverage new FDI opportunities’

Marketing your location has become more challenging. Prior to Covid-19 there were numerous ways to communicate with your investors and target companies through tradeshows, roadshows and investor meetings but, due to the limitations on travel and the effects of global lockdown, we have been launched into a new digital era where events have now been turned into webinars and the attendance levels of these have spiked due to the accessibility factor.

This digital mindset is still not shared by everyone, but many experts agree that this is the time to get on board or be left behind in the new FDI landscape.

Course 6: Introduction to Theme 2: The new world of FDI and site selection during and post-Covid; By 30/11/2021

Course 7: FDI reshoring and supply chain localization: How can IPAs leverage FDI; TBC

Course 8: Growth sectors for FDI post-Covid: Reinventing FDI value propositions; TBC

Course 9: The talent war: How can IPAs compete in the new frontier for FDI attraction; TBC

Course 10: The digital future: What is the future role of IPAs; TBC

The Theme A training courses will cover the entire investment life-cycle from strategy through to aftercare, attraction, and facilitation, while Theme B training courses look at how these IPAs need to readjust their strategies and plans to structural changes in the FDI market.