The World Investment Conference (WIC)

is WAIPA’s flagship annual event. This annual meeting will bring together Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) from a vast number of countries; other government officials, development sector leaders, private sector and academia relevant to FDI policy and strategy. If you are interested in hosting the World Investment Conference, if you want to nominate a speaker or if you are interested in receiving the  sponsorship information package and for any other queries related to WIC please contact

Membership Procedure

To become a member please fill out the application form. Upon receipt of the form, we will ask you to send us any official documents (statutes, certificate of registration, activity report, financial statement) giving information about your institution, your recent activities and current investment environment of your country. Your admission process could take around two weeks, please do not hesitate to contact us in case you require any further assistance.

Membership Fee

Annual membership fee shall be paid by every Member and Associated Member by April 30 with respect to the calendar year in course. Any member that does not comply with this payment shall have certain of its rights temporarily suspended. The right to vote and to be voted shall be suspended as well as other benefits of WAIPA membership.

Fees are as follows:

a) Members:

  • Tier I countries (GDP per capita up to 2,500 USD) : 4,000 USD
  • Tier II countries (GDP per capita from 2,501 USD up to 12,500 USD) : 5,000 USD
  • Tier III countries (GDP per capita over 12,500 USD): 6,000 USD

b) Associated Members: 6,000 USD

Where can I find more information about the WAIPA Training Center?

Download the WAIPA Training Center brochure

How Can I Find Out About WAIPA Training Initiatives?

There are several ways of finding out about WAIPA’s training activities. First and foremost, the WAIPA bi-monthly NewsFlash contains a section named Upcoming Events. WAIPA News Alerts may announce an individual training event.

How Does WAIPA Decide Topics of Training?

The WAIPA activities programme is designed on the basis of (i) foreign investment patterns and trends, (ii) the needs and expectations of foreign investors with respect to IPAs, and (iii) interests expressed by Member IPAs themselves.

How Can a Member IPA Host a WAIPA Training Event?

Members can express their interest to the WAIPA Permanent Secretariat at any time during the year. Members may also be requested to express their willingness to organize, in coordination with the WAIPA Permanent Secretariat, a training activity, in their country. Participation should be open to IPAs from the region and, to the extent, there is an interest, to IPA officers from IPA Members of other geographical regions.

What Are the Commitments Expected From an IPA Hosting A Training Event?

A simpler training event, such as a WAIPA Focus Forum would generally request that the Member IPA provides the conference facilities, arranges for the printing of materials and for “data show” in case of PowerPoint presentations etc. It is expected that the hosting IPA negotiates discounted hotel rates for participants and that it actively engage, along with the WAIPA Permanent Secretariat, in raising awareness of the event. Often WAIPA expects that, at the minimum, the traveling costs of one instructor (a researcher or professor, from academia or from a think tank, or an independent consultant) be covered by the hosting IPA. The commitments expected in the case of an IPA that wishes to host a Work Group or Working Session during a World Investment Conference may be found on the Section dedicated to the WAIPA World Investment Conferences.