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This session is targeted to senior executives and management of investment promotion agencies and will address a range of issues that are critical to the success of an IPA, including:

  • Developing a comprehensive strategy to cover all aspects of investment attraction.
  • Successful integration of investment attraction with other promotional activities such as trade, tourism or innovation.
  • Structuring investment attraction activities organizationally to make the most of existing resources.
  • Building organizational capability and ensuring the right mix of skills in the IPA’s staff.
  • Collaborating effectively with partners including IPAs at different geographic levels, other government agencies, universities and the private sector.
  • Managing key stakeholders to ensure their support for investment attraction and the IPA.
  • Measuring the IPA’s performance and communicating the impact of FDI and the role of the IPA.
  • Working through government to enhance the investment environment and strengthen the role of the IPA.

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