The World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) was created in 1995. It was established as an Association under Swiss law. It has been registered in Geneva, as a non-governmental organization. From its very inception, WAIPA has represented an ever growing number of Member agencies. Through its wide range of activities, WAIPA provides the opportunity for investment promotion agencies (IPAs) to network and exchange best practices in investment promotion. WAIPA has always dedicated, and continues to dedicate, time and effort towards building the human resources capacity of its Member agencies. Membership is open to any agency, government body or entity whose prime function is “to promote any country, political sub-division of a country or other uncontested territory, as a destination for, or as source of investments”.

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209, 2020

Call for Amendments to WAIPA Statutes

02.09.2020 We, Permanent Secretariat, hereby notify to WAIPA members that the following amendments to the Statutes of WAIPA will be submitted to the next General Assembly of WAIPA. The request that WAIPA statutes be amended [...]

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Manufacturing Investments

Advances in production technology and a trend towards shorter supply chains make a return to “business as usual” highly unlikely.

The impact of the pandemic on both global trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) has been dramatic. Even now, as some countries begin easing their restrictions to breathe life back into their flailing economies, the full effects of this virus are yet to be fully understood.  Certainly, this pandemic has accelerated many trends that have been emerging over the past decade […]

September 30th, 2020|

Ten Actions to Boost Low and Middle-Income Countries’ Productive Capacity for Medicines

Low and middle-income countries urgently need affordable personal protective equipment, diagnostics, treatments and vaccines to ward off even bigger waves of COVID-19 infection and mortality – and global production capacity is failing to ensure timely supply even of those products now on the market.

Now, more than ever, producers in poor countries need to be integrated into the health products ecosystem – at national, regional and global level – something that is good for public health, local economic development – and global public health security.

In the wake of the […]

June 10th, 2020|

COVID-19 and the Global Contraction in FDI

The pandemic is causing massive disruptions to flows of foreign direct investments. Developing countries are likely to be hit the hardest.

COVID-19 is uprooting economic globalization. With both supply and demand experiencing simultaneous shocks due to containment measures, global production networks are being disrupted on a scale never witnessed before. The pandemic has exposed how globally interconnected the flow of goods and services has become, and countries are now rethinking their international trade […]

June 1st, 2020|
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