The first session of the FDI Excellence Series 2022 edition was the first WAIPA event during this week and was focused on  “Attracting Quality Investment” and gaining essential knowledge and skills for identifying and attracting high-value investment projects and maximizing the benefits of FDI for their economies.

Participants from Lesotho, India, Ghana, Panama, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria and Azerbaijan joined us for two days of insightful sessions on:
✔️   Global FDI Trends: Which sectors are generating projects and what types of companies are most actively expanding their international presence
✔️    Defining Quality Investment: How to identify FDI that contributes to location’s overall economic and social goals and is aligned with government policy
✔️    Providing customized value and support: How Dubai CommerCity has developed a suite of ‘E-commerce-as-a-Service’ offerings that reflects the needs of the target companies that it is seeking to attract to its e-commerce ecosystem.
✔️    Identifying Quality Investor: how to identify companies that may have plans for specific kinds of investment
✔️    India’s approach to attracting quality investment: how Invest India has been able to attract quality FDI in the electronics sector
✔️    Providing value: how agencies around the world are developing innovative types of support in response to the changing needs of investors
✔️    Attracting Sustainable Investment: a case study of how InvestChile changed critical functions of the agency to be able to successfully attract sustainable FDI
✔️    Measuring Impact: different methods that IPAs around the world are using to measure and communicate their performance and the impact of FDI

This training was organized by WAIPA in collaboration with Andreas Dressler and FDI Center, hosted by the Annual Investment Meeting.