WAIPA was delighted to participate at the China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT) and co-organize The United Nations Asia-Pacific Forum jointly with United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP).

International Investment Promotion Forum & Annual Conference of Federation of IPAs in China

On September 7th, the 2023 edition of the International Invest Promotion Forum & Annual Conference of the Federation of Investment Promotion Agencies of China took place in Xiamen, focusing on the theme of “Strengthening international investment promotion cooperation to promote the steady recovery of the world economy, expanding openness, seizing opportunities, strengthening cooperation, developing together.”

Mr. Andrew Keable, Senior Regional Advisor, Asia Pacific at WAIPA, delivered a keynote addressing and emphasizing WAIPA’s pivotal role in driving economic growth through foreign direct investment (FDI).

Mr. Keable also highlighted WAIPA’s role serving as a global platform in knowledge sharing and partnerships between IPAs, international organizations, governments, and the private sector. He underscored the goal of inclusive development, where nations of all sizes benefit from international investments through effective cooperation. This cooperative and inclusive approach, supported by WAIPA, aims to create a better investment climate, drive economic growth, and address global challenges.

These key points highlight the urgency and significance of strengthening international investment promotion cooperation for a more prosperous and sustainable future in today’s interconnected global landscape.

Exploring Investment Trends at 2023 Chinese and Foreign Investment Promotion Agencies Conference

On September 9th, 2023, esteemed participants from around the globe convened at the 2023 Chinese and Foreign Investment Promotion Agencies Conference. The conference featured a compelling speech delivered by WAIPA Executive Directore and CEO, Mr. Ismail Ersahin. This gathering, was graciously hosted by the Investment Promotion Agency of the Ministry of China, served as a platform to discuss key investment trends.

Mr. Ismail Ersahin expressed his gratitude for the invitation and highlighted WAIPA’s strong historic partnership with China, particularly through their collaboration with the China International Fair for in Services (CIFIT). He laid prominence on the increasing importance of digitalization in the investment landscape, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and highlighted the importance of adaptability and forward-thinking in an era of rapid technological change In addition to the digital revolution, he felt it was important to underscore the growing attention of the investor community on healthcare sector, biotechnology sector, AI cloud computing, cyber security and Climate FDIs. The CEO also took the opportunity to acknowledge the role of emerging markets such as China and India which are potentially the next big frontiers for innovation and entrepreneurship. Additionally, he extended a warm welcome to the participants to the forthcoming  27th WAIPA World Investment Conference in New Delhi (#27thWIC).

Empowering Digital Investment for Sustainable Progress: The United Nations Asia-Pacific Forum

WAIPA was proud to have co-organized the United Nations Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum alongside UNESCAP, a remarkable partnership aimed at driving sustainable digital development. This pivotal event served as a platform for fostering dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs), investors, and stakeholders.

The primary objectives of this forum was to explore actionable measures and strategies for promoting and facilitating Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in critical areas of digital development. These include promoting digital businesses, encouraging digital adoption, and building digital infrastructure. The address of the CEO focused on the massive role of FDIs in injecting capital, knowledge and technology into local digital enterprises thereby serving as strong tool for cross border partnerships.

The event also focused on emphasizing investment opportunities in Asia and the Pacific within each of these domains, all while considering the requirements and expectations of investors navigating the dynamic landscape of digital transformation. Mr. Ismail Ersahin, had the pleasure of meeting several distinguished counterparts during the China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT) 2023

Strengthening Ties

WAIPA Executive Director & CEO, had the pleasure of meeting several distinguished counterparts during the China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT) 2023

 Meeting with HE Sultan Al-Khater of Qatar the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce, and Industry of The State of Qatar.

During this auspicious meeting, fruitful discussions unfolded, highlighting the potential for future collaboration between WAIPA and Qatar. The CEO also had the pleasure of engaging with Mr. Fahad Al-Kuwari and Mr. Jassim Al-Naama of Invest Qatar, further solidifying the prospects of enhanced cooperation in the days ahead.

Meeting with Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center

On the 8th of September, a significant meeting took place between Mr. Ismail Ersahin, Executive Director & CEO of WAIPA, and the Beijing Investment Promotion Service Center (BIPSC), attended by Mr. Sun Yao, Director General, and Mr. Tang Yonghong, Deputy Director General of BIPSC.

They have discussed how BIPSC and WAIPA can work closely on areas of untapped potential for Investment Promotion Agencies and how important the platforms like CIFIT and WAIPA World Investment Conference are for the entire investment fraternity.


Mr. Ismail Ersahin, Executive Director & CEO of WAIPA, had the honor of meeting with Mr Jandos Temirgali, Deputy Chairman of KAZAKH INVEST.

During this encounter, Mr. Ismail Ersahin expressed deep gratitude to KAZAKH INVEST for their longstanding support as a WAIPA member. He also extended a warm invitation to KAZAKH INVEST for the upcoming WIC’23.

Advancing IPAs’ Role in the G20

During CIFIT in Xiamen, Mr. Ismail Ersahin, Executive Director & CEO of WAIPA, met with Mr. Pedro Guerra, Chief of Staff of the Brazilian Vice Presidency and MDIC.

The focus was on WAIPA’s significant initiative to formalize Investment promotion Agencies (IPAs) as an official engagement group in the G20, boosting IPA’s global influence. This meeting underscores WAIPA’s commitment to global cooperation and economic growth through international investment.