On May 16th, WAIPA hosted the second workshop of its FDI Masterclass series, themed ‘Blueprint for Success – Formulating the IPA Strategy.’ This session provided invaluable insights into crafting effective IPA strategies.

Moderated by WAIPA Deputy Executive Director Mr. Dushyant Thakor, the session drew on his experience as an IPA practitioner. Reflecting on his journey with Invest India, he emphasized hiring top talent, fostering strong relationships with subnational entities, and employing targeted investment approaches.

Mr. Ismail Ersahin, WAIPA’s Executive Director & CEO, opened by highlighting the evolving role of IPAs in today’s dynamic global environment. He championed sustainability as a cornerstone of investment initiatives.

Dr. Matthew Stephenson, PhD, Head of Investment and Services at the World Economic Forum, unveiled the Climate FDI Coalition, aligning investment practices with crucial climate objectives. He introduced Climate FDI as a powerhouse within green investments, driving carbon neutrality and advancing the energy transition. His insights into the coalition’s inception and the development of a guidebook on Climate FDI facilitation captivated the audience.

Ms. Breda O’Sullivan, Manager of Corporate Strategy and Planning at IDA Ireland, showcased the strategic prowess essential for investment promotion. She emphasized IDA Ireland’s role in spearheading FDI growth, sectoral focus, and sustainability integration. Breda’s discourse underscored the significance of inclusive engagement and continuous refinement in shaping robust investment promotion agendas.

Mr. Robert Bwire, General Manager – Research, Policy Advocacy, and Planning at the Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest), illuminated Kenya’s ascent to becoming Africa’s premier investment hub. His strategic insights into the nation’s Investment Vision and its roadmap for 2023-2027 resonated deeply, emphasizing Africa as a first-choice investment destination.

Mr. Samet Akyüz, Unit Manager, Strategy and Corporate Planning Unit at the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye, unveiled Türkiye’s National FDI Strategy. He provided a comprehensive framework for navigating global trends and addressing Türkiye’s unique needs. His delineation of quality FDI profiles and collaborative strategy development underscored Türkiye’s dedication to enhancing its investment ecosystem.

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