On April 18, WAIPA kicked off its Global FDI Masterclass Series with an illuminating session on ‘Strategic Event Planning for IPAs: Effective Organization & Participation’, led and moderated by WAIPA deputy executive director, Dushyant Thakor.

WAIPA CEO and Executive Director Ismail Ersahin set the stage with his opening remarks which resonated with the essence of collaboration, underlining WAIPA’s pivotal role as a global reference for FDI. He shared WAIPA’s initiatives and future endeavors, emphasising the importance of incorporating investor perspectives and bridging the gap between investors and IPAs.

The masterclass continued with a captivating exploration of strategic event planning by Mr. Nitin Jaiswal from Bloomberg, who shared insights into the art of convening strategic events, drawing from his extensive experience in engaging with senior stakeholders across the Asia Pacific region. Speaking of “longevity economy,” he highlighted the significance of exploring innovative themes to generate interest, and underscored the need for continuous communication with stakeholders beyond event boundaries.

Next we welcomed Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, the Principal Secretary in the government of Telangana and a distinguished Indian Administrative Services officer, representing the state’s investment promotion agency. Highlighting the state’s focus on sectoral events, Mr. Ranjan underscored its remarkable evolution into a powerhouse for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and the importance of institutionalising sectoral events to ensure continuity beyond changes in governance. He also emphasised the strategic selection of sectors based on competitive advantages, such as talent pool and infrastructure, illustrating the impact of targeted investments.

Maija Palomaki, the head of marketing at Invest Finland, emphasised the importance of planning, execution, and follow-up in maximising the benefits of event attendance. She shared a case study of Invest in Finland’s participation in the Mobile World Congress, detailing the meticulous planning, execution, and follow-up procedures involved.

Lastly, Mr. Nitin Pangam, CEO of Mayflower Consulting emphasised the significance of strategic planning for investment promotion agencies (IPAs) when attending global trade shows, highlighting the need for targeted approaches to maximise outcomes. Drawing from his analysis of leading global trade shows, Mr. Pangam outlined key factors for IPAs to consider, including sector-focused strategies and the importance of data-driven decision-making, while stressing on the value of understanding emerging sectors and tailoring messaging to attract potential investors effectively.

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