We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Ms. Nivruti Rai, Managing Director and CEO of Invest India, as the new President of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA). Ms.Rai’s exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to fostering indigenous technology development and shaping innovative policies, particularly within startup ecosystems and emerging critical technologies, have made her a true pioneer in her field.

Mr. Ismail Ersahin, Executive Director and CEO of WAIPA, extended his congratulations on Ms. Nivruti’s appointment:

“I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Ms. Nivruti Rai on her appointment as the Managing Director & CEO of Invest India and I am thrilled to welcome her as the President of WAIPA.

Ms. Rai’s wealth of experience as a business leader, coupled with her exceptional background in business and technology, adds a distinct and valuable dimension to our association’s leadership. Her appointment is a promising juncture, one that holds the potential to propel us toward greater success. We eagerly anticipate benefiting from her invaluable insights and expertise as we jointly, together with our Consultative Committee members, partners, and members, shape the future of investment promotion.

With her visionary leadership, we are positive that Ms. Rai is set to guide WAIPA to unprecedented success, reshaping investment promotion worldwide.

Notice: According to WAIPA Statutes, the Presidency, as well as all other positions in the Steering Committee, are institutional. The Presidency is represented by the top-ranking officer. With the appointment of Ms. Nivruti Rai as MD & CEO of Invest India, she assumes the representation at WAIPA.

WAIPA elections, including the Presidency, will take place on 12th December 2023, during which the General Assembly will elect all Steering Committee members for the term 2023/2025.