With clear objectives to promote joint action, facilitate knowledge exchange, and devise actionable projects for mutual growth, WAIPA’s Subcommittee of Regional IPA Associations (SCRIPA) initiative was launched.

WAIPA’s inaugural SCRIPA meeting marked a significant step in fostering collaboration among regional investment promotion agencies. The initiative aimed to promote joint action, facilitate knowledge exchange, and devise actionable plans for mutual growth.

The WAIPA CEO, Mr. Ismail Ersahin, underscored the goal of supporting investment promotion agencies through collaboration and joint action. Leveraging the groundwork laid by organizations like ANIMA, CAIPA, ICIEC, RIAFPI and other associations of IPAs from international organizations and blocs, SCRIPA aimes to create a dynamic platform for transformative collaboration, from concrete action plans to capacity-building projects, with tangible outcomes in sight.

Mr. Jose Henrique Martins from WAIPA outlined SCRIPA’s purpose and structure, emphasizing its goal of promoting collaboration among investment promotion agencies. Established under WAIPA’s permanent secretariat, SCRIPA is open to all IPA associations and aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, joint initiatives, and concrete actions to enhance investment promotion efforts.

Attendees like Mr. Oussama Kaissi from ICIEC stressed the importance of a structured approach to address challenges faced by investment promotion agencies, advocating for connectivity between regions and a hub-and-spoke model. Mr. Achim Hartig from OECD IPA Network expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, emphasizing the potential for achieving common goals across diverse economic regions and the need for practical approaches to address varying stages of economic development. Mr. Emmanuel Noutary from ANIMA highlighted the importance of knowledge sharing in addressing common challenges, proposing the development of a catalog of needs and offers. Mr. Ronald Theodore from CAIPA echoed the importance of knowledge sharing and emphasized the need for capacity building within IPAs to adapt to the dynamic nature of investment promotion. Ms. Karina Bazuchi, representing G20 IPAs, emphasized the need for collaboration in addressing common challenges related to the green transition and climate issues.

Mr. Dushyant Thakor from WAIPA suggested potential areas for joint projects, while Ms. Solange Amichia from RIAFPI emphasized the need for tailored training sessions and joint projects aimed at promoting investment. Mr. Stefan Kratzsch from UNIDO underscored the importance of conducting a baseline assessment to understand the status of regional investment promotion agencies. Mr. Salim Saifi from Business France demonstrated strong support for the initiative and affirmed their readiness to collaborate on various projects and mutual goals.

Overall, participants expressed commitment to collaboration and capacity building efforts, aiming for tangible results guided by principles of mutual learning and support. Together, we hope to translate ideas into action and propel the mission of SCRIPA forward.

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