In the wake of the 27th World Investment Conference held in December 2023 in New Delhi, India, WAIPA and UNIDO joined forces to launch a ground-breaking publication shedding light on investment promotion and facilitation across the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) region.

We are delighted to share insights from our recent webinar, held on 21 February 2024, where UNIDO and WAIPA presented the findings of a pioneering survey involving 61 ACP Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs). The webinar provided attendees with a comprehensive overview of the state of play, challenges, and opportunities surrounding investment promotion and facilitation in ACP countries.

The webinar showcased an innovative model elucidating the realities and complexities faced by ACP IPAs in their work. Moreover, it offered recommendations and practical tools aimed at enhancing IPAs’ effectiveness and aligning their efforts with the Sustainable Development goals. Notably, discussions also revolved around the interconnection of the report’s findings with the recently concluded negotiations of the WTO’s Investment Facilitation for Development (IFD) Agreement.

Targeted at professionals in the realm of investment promotion and facilitation, particularly practitioners working for IPAs and Institutions in the ACP region and beyond, the webinar provided a platform for knowledge exchange and strategic insights.

The webinar featured esteemed speakers including Mr. Dushyant Thakor, Deputy Executive Director of WAIPA, and Mr. Michael Dethlefsen, Chief of the Division for Innovative Financing & International Financing Institutions at UNIDO, who delivered insightful opening remarks. Additionally, Ms. Annika Bachhofer, Ms. Carolina Arriagada Peters, and Mr. Stefan Kratzsch shared invaluable insights into the UNIDO-WAIPA Report.

Webinar’s Photos