The original 1995 WAIPA Statutes were reviewed by a Work Group appointed by the WAIPA Steering Committee, Session of December 3rd, 2008. An initial draft was submitted to the Steering Committee, Session of March 6, 2009, for discussion. A revised draft version of the text – incorporating all comments – was prepared and the ammendments agreed upon by the WAIPA Directors. Due notice (three month advance notice) was provided to Member agencies. The ammendments were approved at the General Assembly of WAIPA Members convened in Milan, Italy, on October 12, 2009. Effective as of January 1st, 2010, the WAIPA Statutes were filed with the Registry of Commerce, Geneva, in compliance with applicable Swiss law.
The present statutes were amended in their article 1 by decision of the General Assembly of 14th May, in their articles XI, XVII, XXI, XIII, XXIV and XXIX by decision of the General Assembly of 15th June 2015 and in their articles V and XXIX by decision of the General Assembly of 27th November 2017.

WAIPA Statutes