Trillions of dollars are needed to close the investment gap. One of the ways to close this gap would be by attracting private finance. To attract these, investment pipelines must be of high-quality, standardised and conceptualized in a way to make them investable.

The relevant institutions, often IPAs, need to be equipped with the right skills sets and capacities to identify and created these opportunities for investors. Next to the quality of these projects also sustainability factors play an increasing role. As such international partnerships can ensure technical cooperation and mutual support to prepare model project proposals and can be helpful by giving advice on project financing, incentives and risk management.

Therefore, this panel aims to look at how these international partnerships can support the relevant institutions in their capacities to create and craft investable projects by sharing technical assistance and best practices and how IPAs can be hence of an even more critical partner to investors. It will look at what makes projects investable and how to present them to funding institutions. Finally, it will aim to explore how to measure the benefits of the projects to stakeholders as well as the look at links between project scope and business changes.