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In this page you will find useful information regarding visa, accommodation options, COVID-19 restrictions, and tourism in Geneva.

Visa Information 

To enter Switzerland for short term, a Schengen visa is required – depending on the nationality of the visitor. For more information visit the official website from here.

Hotel & Accommodation

Name Distance to CICG
1) Hotel Ibis Centre Nations*** 800 m = 10 min on foot or 8 min by bus
2) Hotel Les Nations*** 800 m = 9 min on foot or 8 min by bus
3) Hotel Jade*** 1,4 km = 19 min on foot or 10 min by bus
4) Hotel Kipling*** 1,8 km = 24 min on foot or 12 min by bus
5) Hotel Warwick**** 1,5 km = 20 min on foot or 12 min by bus
6) Novotel Genève Centre**** 2 km = 26 min on foot or 15 min by bus
7) Hotel N’vY**** 1,4 km = 19 min on foot or 10 min by bus
8) Hotel Président Wilson***** 1,6 km = 22 min on foot or 15 min by bus
9) Hotel InterContinental***** 850 m = 11 min on foot or 5 min by bus

Accommodation option for LDCs from International Geneva Welcome Center

The CAGI provides accommodation support and facilitates the stay of delegates during an international conference, meeting or free training in Geneva. Representatives of civil society from developing countries and governments of least developed countries (LDCs) can benefit from our support during their stay in Geneva.

To apply click here and for more information visit their website.

COVID-19 Regulations

You can check the requirements for entry from here and for more information click here 

The State Secretariat for Migration determines who is allowed to enter Switzerland and what requirements have to be met (e.g. COVID-19 vaccination or recovery for third-country nationals entering from outside the Schengen area). The SEM also has its own list of high-risk countries. (Source)

Tourism in Geneva

For information about activities and things to do in Geneva, please visit Visit Geneva official website from here.