We are pleased to share with you the enclosed official agenda of the 27th WAIPA General Assembly, to take place on 12th December 2023 in New Delhi, India.

We would like to provide essential information about the General Assembly and the Steering Committee Elections:

1. The 27th WAIPA General Assembly will take place in person and is only open for WAIPA Members.

2. Delegates will be requested to sign the schedule of attendance at the entrance of the Assembly Hall by 14:30pm as part of the formal registration process.

3. WAIPA Steering Committee elections for the term 20232025 will also be taking place during the 27th General Assembly.

4. As per WAIPA Statutes Chapter 2, Article IV, Para 2, “In the case of it being appointed two deputies, and both attending a General Assembly meeting on behalf of the Member, it should be clearly stated which of them shall exercise the right to vote”.

5. Please get registered to the 27th WAIPA General Assembly and World Investment Conference via this link if you have not done so yet.

6. Due to time limitations, candidates will have a maximum of 3 minutes to address the General Assembly for their tenure.

7. Voting will be processed either by hand raising (plaques) or ballot method, which will be decided by the General Assembly in place depending on the number of candidates. The full list of candidates was announced earlier and can be reached via this link via this link.