26th World Investment Conference Opening Ceremony

Opening Remarks | #WIC22


Mr. Anurag Jain, Secretary, DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India

“Rebuilding trust is the cornerstone of digital disruption that the world is going through. Digital technology is transforming the world in a way that we are forced to worry not only about our physical selves and assets, but also our digital avatars and assets. These unprecedented labels of digitisation and the quantum leap in technological advancements are also moments of great opportunity for the World of Investment.”: Mr. Anurag Jain, Secretary, DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India


Some other excerpts from the talk:

  1. Knowledge, innovation, and sustainability are going to be the pillars of global growth. Knowledge and innovation give rise to new and emergent technologies and provide solutions to the most complex problems. This fosters growth, but growth alone isn’t enough, it must be sustainable; growth that not only enriches our present but also ensures the protection of our future.
  2. Equity and Inclusivity are crucial for sunshine of development to reach every region and state of humanity. IPAs must take the responsibility to explain their respective governments, that the time has come to think of every region in different countries through the lens of potential investment destination. While a lot of big investment opportunities are still centred around major cities, it is important to recognise that deeper digitisation and start-ups facilitate the fruits of equity to travel deeper and impact more lives in the country.